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Top 5 Tricks To Get High Quality Backlinks 2017

Backlinks are very necessary for any website . They help us to rank our website quickly in search engines. If any website has thousands backlinks . Then It will rank easily in search engines . So it is better to make lot of backlinks to rank high in google. People always asks some questions like : what are backlinks ? and how can we make backlinks. So , here is the full tutorial with Top 5 Tricks To Get High Quality Backlinks 2017.

What are backlinks? – Top 5 Tricks To Get High Quality Backlinks 2017

Backlinks are nothing But these are the links of your article or your website on same website or any other website.If links of one website on same website Then these are knows as internal backlinks. Example of these backlinks are : just as on this page you can see the menu bar containing lot of links of this website. Then these are the internal backlinks. If i will put here the link just like this one ” Friends Rock ” It is the out bounded or external link. These are the true type of backlinks which help any website to rank more in google.

Top 5 Tricks To Get High Quality Backlinks 2017

Top 5 Tricks To Get High Quality Backlinks 2017

Here are bellow the Top 5 Tricks To Get High Quality Backlinks 2017 . So guys I hope these will help you a lot because this written tutorial is nothing . But actually it is my experience on blogging and SEO Content.

How to Make Backlinks From Social Media Websites?

It is the one the best method to get backlinks for your website. But How and what is correct way to share your posts on social media. I suggest you to make your own Facebook fan page , twitter account and Google plus account. Share your links by your self . You can also joins the groups related to your niche and share your links there. Also You can share your links in comments in different groups , page posts , YouTube videos,etc

How to get Backlinks from other websites related to your niche?

It is also pretty one to get the backlinks from other websites which are also related to your niche. Go and search same keywords . you will find many sites related to your article. find blog or WordPress website from them. Post your comment there. Do not share your link in comment. Just write there nice and other related words. and give the link of your post or website in the link box of comments. which will appear at click on your name. Because if you will share open links bloggers will consider them as scam and they may not approve or delete your comment.

How to Get Backlinks from Guest Post ?

There are several open blogs which give users to make post on their blog/ website. For ranking your website find out the many blogs of high ranked and Get Guest Post from them. Post your article link in backlink in that article. You must have to insert your keyword at anchor text.

How To Get Backlinks From YouTube ?

YouTube is also the Google’s property and high ranked website. You have also to make YouTube channel . Make your videos upload them on YouTube. Give your link in description. That will make the backlink of your video. But as It is the social website. So why I have written it in other Sections. There is big reason behind it . May many people does not know but there are many websites. Which are also showing the videos of YouTube with description on their website. It means these backlinks are not limited to YouTube but many other websites too.

How to Get Backlinks With exchange backlinks ?

Exchange Backlinks term means “Get backlink and give backlink ” . If your website is new then You must have to ask other bloggers to share your links on their blogs and You will share their backlinks on your blog to rank both websites.

HTML tag for making backlinks

Here is the bellow an example to write correct html link to rank your keyword. You have to insert the keyword at anchor text see bellow example.

<a href="http://yourdomain.com/your-article-link-here">Your 
Keyword here </a>

Above is the tag use it to make backlinks on your keyword.

Tip of the day:  You have to check your competitors sites backlinks by backlink checker tool. Which will help you to give an idea of making backlinks.


Above were the best five tricks but bellow are my golden words. “Before making backlinks . You must see that websites own page rank if it is high than make backlink through it other wise not . And find the best websites ranked websites to make your  ”
back links.


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