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Quick Tips : How to write a good blog post ?

Hey guys recently I have posted How to make a blog for free ? Blogger blog and Now this article is about “How to write a good blog post? ” . It is very necessary to write good articles. Which must be meaning full , grammatically correct , informative , useful and SEO Optimised. Here I will share few tips to cover all these things in your blog post / article.

How to write a good blog post ?

Before starting to write any blog post , You must have to collect all data about your blog post . Your english writing skills also must be good So, readers can easily get you. You must have to optimise images. Keyword research first before writing an article. Few other things you must have to do . Here is the guide to write a good blog post with step by step guide.

Step 1 : Keyword research

Keyword research is the first step about blog post. You must have to do it before writing any blog post.  Find the best keyword for your post. BEST KEYWORD means the keyword with low competition and high search volume . You can check the search volume and cpc with many tools just like:

Google Keyword planner

Moz SEO tool (paid)

Arhefs (paid)

Serps .com (free)

Step 2: Collect necessary data

The term “Collect necessary data” means You have to collect the images , videos , links before writing blog post. Save them under any folder .

Step 3: Optimize Images

Compress images: write a good blog post

Image Optimization means reduce the image size. You must have to compress the size of images to reduce the page size. Which will help users to load it easily. It  is not necessary to reduce the resolution of images to reduce size. But you can also compress images without losing resolution. Here I have already wrote an article about : Online image compressor which compress image size with same resolution.

Step 4: Write the Good Post title

Post article plays the vital role in post. It must be unique , easy , fully visible in search engines. It is better to be 60 to 70 characters.It must contain keyword. I suggest you to use Serps tool keyword research . It will help you to write the good title. Just in keyword research tool with the “keyword” and then it will give searches of people about it. Use any one of them with little changes.

Step 5: start to write blog post

Now you can start to article writing. Write the same title you find. Then start writing your content. Here are bellow some tips when you write the post.

Use grammar Plugin or browser add-on

You must have to install any grammar plugin. Which will tell you about spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. And give some suggestions to make it correct. Because to write any article/ blog post with spelling and grammar mistakes will make the bad impression on users and search engines .

Keyword density  & keyword placement

The keyword density must be 0.5% to 2.5% . You can check the keyword density by word press blog plugins. Or any other websites free tools.Your keyword must be placed at few places. i.e title , description , first paragraph , conclusion ,etc

Meta Description of post

Meta Description of post is the part of the blog post which is the summary of it. And  user can get the information about article. You must have to add your keyword in it. It must be about 150 to 160 characters. Write a unique on to make the impression on user.

Headings and paragraphs in good blog post

You must have to add html headings. Your article must be the 500 to 700 words with 4 to 5 headings and sub headings. Divide your blog post in sections and represent each section with headings .each paragraph must be less than 150 words.

Highlight important texts

The main sentences or important phrase must be high lighted. You can high light them by making italic and bold. If you will high light some useful texts than users will impress and it will be you good blog post.

Internal linking

You can share your previous related posts link in yours. It will be work as a source and it will also make good effect to users. And engage the user on your website.

Set alternative tags of images

Images also plays a good role to bring the users on blog and engaging the user at website. So you must have to use unique images . add your keyword in the alternative tag of images to get some higher rank in google.

Step 6: Make backlinks and share at social media

When you have completed your post. Publish it and submit it in web master tools. Share it with people on social media. Now make the backlinks for your post on your keyword. Make quality backlinks to rank more in search engines.

Above were the simple steps which you must have to follow to write a good blog post.

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