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How To Restore A Computer Performance -PC Learning

Having your own computer at home was not an unusual or luxurious. Development era of human demands for more forward thinking and fast, with the help of a machine called a computer is used as a supporting tool.
Have a moment you feel the decline in your computer performance? your computer becomes slow and slower to access data, open an application like music player, video player, copy data, or other standard applications ? and having trouble in even  typing, editing pictures, chat or other regular jobs.

If the answer is YES, why it happen? The decline in computer performance is affecting many aspects, infected with the virus, the program / application is damaged, corrupted system operation, processor temperature is too hot, or have a weak / damaged your computer hardware. Computer troubleshooting should require special expertise. But what if you live far from downtown and your computer through the same thing (a decline in performance)?

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Before go to a deeper analysis (install the system, change the program, update the registry or change the computer’s memory), you can try to restore the first step to your computer’s performance.

TIPS To INCREASE / Restore A Computer Performance

Try these tips restore your computer’s performance before convicting damage to the hardware Some functions to take care of your hard drive and restore that performance :

Scan Disk:
program ==> Accessories ==> system Tools ==> Scan disk

program ==> Accessories ==> system Tools ==> Diskde fragmenter.
Defragment help to locate files can be ordered so as to accelerate data access.

Disk Clean Up:
program ==> Accessories ==> system Tools ==> Disk Cleanup
Allows you to clean hard drive of useless junk. It can be delete the garbage. By removing this will save remaining space on your hard disk.

Clean all Inside Prefetch Folder:

explorer ==> Drive C: ==> WINDOWS ==> Prefetch.

Allows you to clean log/ remove all traces of all applications ever run / in the execution of stored in the prefetch folder. that is it guys. Follow them and increase your computer performance or speed.

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