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Privacy & Discalaimer

Our policy and terms of usage is very simple.It is just like simple blog website.We uses here Cockies to get Network based location .And our content is just about blogging,Information technology and tech we uses simple methods to give readers a simple and reliable content.This is not paid content.It is free .

Our Cockie Policy

We does not use any hidden information about you.We just use plugin Hitstats plugin to get the number of visitors and their network bassed location.And the information about what & How user spends on our website.What content users love the most.

Our content

We write our own content .we add our own images screen shots tumnails .We provide links of softwares not hacks.We have all coppy rights on our own contents ..

Must accept our policy and conditions

You must have to accept our terms conditions to use our website www.tricksrock.com