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Introduction to SEO Guide 2017

The first question, which arises in everyone’s mind, is that what is SEO? What it stands for?  Therefore, here is the answer, which will make everyone to understand this term. SEO, otherwise known as “search engine optimization” is a discipline, which is focusing on the optimised visibility of one’s website, and all the contents contained on that website in the unpaid search engines.  SEO incorporates both creative as well as technical components, which are required to improve the rankings of the website and escalate the drive traffic in search engines.


There are two categories of SEO, which are:


It states all the measures, which SEO companies take to the website to increase its ranking. It includes internal elements, otherwise known as on-page elements, which are

  • Best Content created for the website.
  • Enhance META and HTML information used.
  • Analyse the architecture of the website.

All these three internal elements have a very significant impact on how well the website is going to work in search engines.

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It states all the measures, which SEO people take outside the website to enhance its position. It includes external elements, otherwise known as off-page elements. The external elements are as important as internal elements on which the owner of the website do not always have control because outside forces influence them. These external elements includes

  • Create Backlinks to the website
  • The belief of the clients.



Now the second question, which arises everyone’s mind, is that why SEO is importance. What is its importance in the corporate world? How can someone get benefit by this?  Therefore, here is the best possible answer to all these questions.

Across the World: The foremost reason behind why SEO is significant to business through the world is that the use of SEO helps to enrich the quality and the quantity of the traffic.

Visibility: Almost all the search engine users choose the top suggestion on the result page. Therefore, it is vital for the company to have their website on the top result of the search. This increases the visibility to the prospect customer with an end goal to gain visitors to their website by bringing their page on the top positions of the search engine results.

Completion: SEO not only enhance the visibility but also helps the company to compete with other brands with a great competitive advantage because every customer wants best. Due to the top position, it gives a good impression on end users, and due to on the top means, it gives more exposure of one’s website. In short, SEO puts a business ahead in the competition.

Free marketing: SEO provides cost effective marketing and helps the companies to reduce their cost and get higher results in that low cost.

Trust and Credibility: SEO helps to build trust and credibility and makes the brand of the company reliable and well recognisable.

Build the Brand: SEO helps to make the product of a company into the brand and this is what everyone company wants. When the company is on the top position then every user will click on it, review the products and order. Then they will tell their friends and social circle, which continue.

Conversion from local to Global Business: SEO helps in the conversion of one’s local business into world-renowned business. It is difficult but not impossible, and SEO helps to achieve this goal.



Now the most important question is how you can make your websites optimised. Here many companies will help you to achieve your goal. They offer you different services, which are as follows.

  • They analyse the architect of a website.
  • They create your website in such a way whose front end will be so eye-catching and striking that it will increase the traffic.
  • They provide different strategies to make the package of your site more appealing which will increase the ranking.
  • They also provide keyword services, which is very important in SEO by using META and HTML tags.
  • They also provide link building i.e. off-page optimisation as well as on-page.
  • They also offer monthly reports related to the progress of your website as well as apply competitor analysis.

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