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How to install Alexa toolbar on android phone

Guys Alexa is the top tool to check ranking of website. It give rank to all websites with its algorithms. So every blogger / web developer wants to check the all sites He is surfing. But It is very difficult to check the all sites alexa rank without toolbar. Guys there are several addons available for windows , Linux and mac’s browser for Alexa tool bar. But many bloggers also wants to add the alexa toolbar on their android phone. So In this article You will learn about it.

How to install alexa toolbar on android phone

In most famous android browsers You can not add any addon . But recently two browsers are available on Google Play Store which supports addson on android platform. So you first must install the one of the browser from them. Here for this I suggest You to install the browser “Dolphin”.
You have to first install it. You can easily install it from bellow link.

Dolphin browser downloading link

After installing it . You have to install its alexa addon . For installing this Click here and download it from Google Play store.

Now It has been successfully installed on Your android phone. Now You can easily check the rank of any website through tool bar.

How to check alexa rank of any website in toolbar on android phone?

You first must have to open any website. Then after it loads completely . Then In tool bar click on icon shown in picture bellow.

How to install Alexa toolbar on android phone

Moved at the bottom You will see the “alexa rank” in addon box.

How to install Alexa toolbar on android phone

Just click on it. Now it will load the alexa rank in short window. And it will tell You the rank. In this way You can check the alexa rank of any website. And compare it with Your website. Check its back links. And make your quality backlinks to rank better in search engine.
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