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Top tricks to increase website Traffic for free 2017

Guys Traffic is the main essential to run or start any success full online business. If there are no good traffic on any website It means it will not make any penny for site’s owner and it is nothing but only time waste to run any online business without traffic. Guys bellow I will talk some major factors to get traffic on your website without purchasing any ads.This will increase website traffic  free and hundred percent efficient.

Top tricks to increase website Traffic for free 2017

Guys first of all i will talk here about their headings to make the topic clear for you. It is essential to hard work without hard you will not get any traffic. You need much struggle and patience and follow them and gain traffic. Here I will talk about to get traffic from.

  • Social Sites (facebook , twitter, Google +, Reddit)
  • Search engines (Google , bing , yahoo and others)

Social Sites (facebook , twitter, Google +, Reddit)

Top tricks to increase website Traffic for free 2017

First Let we start about social sites to get the traffic. Initially when You starts your website. You will not able to gain any huge traffic quickly from search engines. So you have to get the traffic from social sites. Some of highly recommended tips to increase visitors through social sites are mentioned bellow separately for each of the famous social site.

How to Get traffic from Facebook? Increase Traffic Quick tips

Facebook is the biggest social site of whole world. It has billions of users who used it daily. Guys there are every type of people on Facebook , So must have to find the people of your niche and add them as their friends. and share your posts link in you timeline.
You must have to make the Facebook fan page of your website. Share the links of your website/ online business with attractive thumbnails . Give quick response to them. Share your fan page posts to your time line. Join the bit groups related to your niche with less strict policies i.e they allow to share links. Then just share your page ‘s posts on these groups . In this way you not only get the more traffic but also will be able to set a good fan page for your website.
Note : Do not share links to irrelevant pages . And do not share links day and night every time if you do these things Facebook will consider you as a spammer and they may block you on Facebook.


How to Get traffic from YouTube ? Increase Traffic Quick tips

YouTube is the most famous video site. daily millions / billions of visitor visit it. If you wanna to set an online business They You may also provide some videos to your customers about your online business / website. Make the videos and upload them on your channel . For uploading videos you must have to make a channel . Make the channel with name related to your niche or your site domain name . And Make beautiful attractive channel art and set introduction video . Make beautiful thumbnail to make videos attractive . Put your links on description to get some traffic on your website.
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How to Get traffic from Reddit? Increase Website Traffic Quick tips

Reddit is the also one of the greatest way to increase the traffic on your website. Basically it is the site used by UK, USA visitors . And from these countries cpc cost is high So , they may chance to get some more. You just have to sign up there and then wait for one week than start to share your links to related sub reddits .. Add attractive title to get more impressions.

How to Get traffic from Google plus ? Increase Website Traffic Quick tips

Google plus is also the one of the biggest social site. Here you can join the Google plus communities related to your niche and post your links in comments and posts .
In same way you can also Get traffic from other social sites like twitter , linkeindin , etc. You must have to make at least id / page / community for your website on most famous social sites.And increase website traffic .


2: Search engines (Google , bing , yahoo and others)

It is difficult to get the traffic from social sites by daily posting links. So , what we have to do to get thousands of visitors without sharing on social sites. Then answer is very simple to optimise your website according to search engines and Get a lot of traffic from search engines. like Google, Yahoo, etc Here bellow are few quick tips with source of articles to get more visitors from search engines.
First of all You must have to submit your website to all of the search engines. You also have to make the sitemaps and upload them on Your website and Submit in search engines.
Make the blog for your website. If you are even running the your business site I recommend to also add the blog to your website to and post few articles about your business.
Make the effective backlinks for your website . Backlinks are also essential for the SEO. Make quality backlinks , You may also read our article about backlinks to learn more.

Top tricks to Get high quality backlinks

How to check backlinks of website?

Other tips are to use the SEO plugins, meta tags , Increase alexa rank,and about seo and search engines see bellow guides to win in SEO and Get lot of traffic.

Alexa toolabr for android Quick guide

How to write a good blog post ? Quick tips

SEO full guide

Guys You must have to follow all guides to increase website traffic.And earn more money.

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